Anna Karenina 'Roll Again to Screen Width

Anna Karenina 'Roll Again to Screen WidthIf you are a fan of the classic novel of the world, surely you've read 'Anna Karenina'. Yup, a novel by Russian author Leo Tolstoy's legendary origin it would again be adapted to the big screen.

As reported by BBC, Tuesday (01-03-2012), the film produced by director 'Pride and Prejudice' Joe Wright. Meanwhile, the script was written by Oscar-winner Tom Stoppard.Character of Anna, a woman who falls in love with a young soldier, will be played by actress Keira Knightley. In the film, he would complain Keira acting with actor Jude Law. 

Jude serves as Anna's husband Aleksei Karenins.In addition to Keira and Jude, the film will also be enlivened by Aaron Johnson. Latest version of 'Anna Karenina' is already started filming in September in Russian and English. The film is scheduled for release in mid 2012.