Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer TCA Tour

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer TCA Tour Team Taking care of some promotional duties, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were spotted at the “True Blood” panel as part of the HBO Summer 2011 TCA Tour last night

The married costars fielded questions along with creator Alan Ball, who noted that the new season will be better than ever. Ball told press, "We try to create a world in which vampires are just part of the fabric of the society. So in a production meeting, we’ll say, 'If she’s reading a tabloid, it should be about what just happened in the show.' You know, it should be I’m sure if Russell Edgington went on TV and ripped out a guy’s spine on national TV, it would be in all the media. So it should reflect that.
So we just put together a fake tabloid with that. This year we had a it’s very quick. I don’t know if you even see it. There’s a 'Good Housekeeping' with Nan Flanagan on the cover saying, 'I’m a clean freak.'" Meanwhile, Anna discussed the uniqueness of mixing comedy with horror. "I think that the more you can bring humor into darkness, I mean, I think in real life one of the things I always find is that, if you can laugh through a situation even if it’s incredibly sad or really hard, you know, it’s kind of the way through, and I think that our show uses that in a really great way. Also it’s just kind of really fun for someone to write you in a way that makes you sound incredibly funny!